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400 Years – the new imperialism 10″LP


Emo-core z Richmond, Post hardcoreowe wygibasy plus sporo uczuciowej melodi. USA . Ostatnia plyta 2000. /Day After/


Four Hundred Years were not merely a band, but a phenomenon. A force of emo/hardcore intensity that began in Tucson, Arizona, following the end of Groundwork, they eventually migrated to Richmond, Virginia. Four Hundred Years amassed a large, frenzied, and rabid audience. Intelligent and intricate with a perfect blend of melody and dissonance in all the right places, Four Hundred Years had unparalleled abilities to captivate their listeners and turn them loose on an unsuspecting music world.

If You're A Joke I Don't Get It    
The New Imperialism    
How About We Both Stop Lying To Each Other    
They Weren't Hiding It At All    
Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out    
Who's Driving This Thing Anyway    

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