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BAD BRAINS – Black Dots LP


Najwcześniejsza sesja studyjna demo Bad Brains z 1979 roku. Kawałki które potem nagrali na kolejnych płytach i takie które więcej się nie pojawiły w repertuarze.
Black Dots is a demo album by the American rock band Bad Brains, released in 1996 by Caroline Records. It consists of one of the band’s earliest recording sessions, which took place in 1979 at Inner Ear Studios with recording engineer Don Zientara. Black Dots features early versions of several songs that were later recorded for the band’s first two studio albums, as well as songs that had never previously been released in any versions. The album showcases the band’s hardcore punk origins, as well as their early foray into reggae with the song „The Man Won’t Annoy Ya.”[1]

1. „Don’t Need It” 1:58
2. „At the Atlantis” 1:58
3. „Pay to Cum” 2:02
4. „Supertouch/Shitfit” 3:02
5. „Regulator” 1:28
6. „You’re a Migraine” 1:41
7. „Don’t Bother Me” 2:36
8. „Banned in D.C.” 2:47
9. „Why’d You Have to Go?” 2:55
10. „The Man Won’t Annoy Ya” 2:42
11. „Redbone in the City” 2:06
12. „Black Dots” 1:12
13. „How Low Can a Punk Get?” 2:39
14. „Just Another Damn Song” 1:57
15. „Attitude” 1:39
16. „Send You No Flowers” 1:53
Total length: 34:29

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