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Siódmy album przesympatycznej załogi ze wschodniego wybrzeża. Wbrew dacie wydania (6/6/06) 🙂 zero diabelskich akcentów – tylko wysokooktanowy i romantyczny punk rock ze szczyptą bardzo modnego ostatnio mainstreamu amerykańskiego a la Springsteen czy Tom Petty. Wydanie w okładce a nie na pikczerze.

The Gold Record is the seventh full-length album from The Bouncing Souls. It was released on June 6, 2006 which the band deemed 'the number of the release', and also deemed the album 'the release of the beast'. This is due to its release date (6/6/06), the fact that it is their sixth album of previously unreleased material, and in reference to the number of the beast (666). Despite the title, the album has not achieved Gold status.

The album includes two covers, of "Lean on Sheena" by Avoid One Thing and "Better Things" by The Kinks. "Letter from Iraq" is based around a poem sent to the band by Garett Reppenhagen, a soldier serving in Iraq.

The Bouncing Souls have been kicking their singular brand of punk anthems for upwards of fifteen years, their live shows becoming the stuff of legend as they've shared the stage with everyone from Against Me to Alkaline Trio to The Casualties. So to find that after so long on the road and six studio albums to their credit, Bouncing Souls have made the record of their career, is a welcome surprise. Producer Ted Hutt (Flogging Molly) has brought out the huge, anthemic side of the band's songwriting, a committed storytelling as much in the tradition of The Who, Springsteen and Petty as The Clash.

1.     The Gold Song
2.     So Jersey
3.     Sounds Of The City
4.     The Pizza Song
5.     Sarah Saturday
6.     Better Things
7.      The Messenger
8.     Lean On Sheena
9.     Letter From Iraq
10.     The New Thing
11.     Midnight Mile
12.     For All The Unheard

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