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Brass Tacks – Just the Facts (15th Anniversary Edition) CD


skinhead rock ‘n’ roll full z końca lat 90-tych, na skrzyżowaniu punk, hardcore, oi! oryginalny program płyty plus kawałki z epki The Good Life 7”

Originally released in the late 90’s Just the Facts quickly became a must-have release. It was a rowdy good time — a skinhead rock ‘n’ roll full length that also mixed in elements of hardcore, punk and oi. It not only delivered the goods, but it also knocked you off your feet and left you wanting more. It was followed up by the Good Life single and shortly after Brass Tacks called it a day.

Ain’t Gonna Win (Just the Facts)
Skinhead Rock-N-Roll (Just the Facts)
For All I Care (Just the Facts)
Trudge Onward (Just the Facts)
Just This Once (Just the Facts)
Losing Control (Just the Facts)
My Friends and Me (Just the Facts)
United Pride (Just the Facts)
Feed the Fire (Just the Facts)
Nice Boys (Just the Facts)
Oi TOY (Just the Facts)
Scenester (Just the Facts)
Working Class (Just the Facts)
Wisconsin Hooligans (Just the Facts)
Just the Facts (Demo tape)
The Good Life (The Good Life 7″)
Positively Baldwin Street (The Good Life 7″)
Let’s Smash Some Skulls (The Good Life 7″)

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