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Crown Court – Trouble From London CD


Chuligani z Londynu i wszystko co nagrali w latach 2014-2023 poza dwoma dużymi płytaami, a wiec nagrania z demo, singli, EPek i splitów.

This is everything Crown Court has recorded, apart from the two full-length records, from 2014 to 2023 on one full-length. Sixteen tracks taken from their demo, singles, EPs, and split releases, including a previously unreleased track that was recorded in the 2015 „The English Disease” session. On some of these recordings, the band featured multiple members of Violent Reaction, Chubby And The Gang, and The Chisel, and with over ten years of existence under their belts, has established itself as a top band in the current European oi scene. Imported from the Netherlands.

1. TFL
2. Hammer A Nail
3. BTP
4. 3 Stretch
5. Style Identified
6. Away (Gilpin Rock)
7. No Paradise
8. Jack Jones
9. We Made You
10. Redeal
11. On The GGs
12. Mad In England
13. Fight Or Fall
14. Sect Fifty Nine
15. The Scum
16. Rich Boy

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