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Deathwish – Out for Blood CD


Amerykański motorhead, tyle, że ostrzejszy i bardziej agresywny

Hailing from the brutal frozen wasteland of northern Wisconsin, DEATHWISH is an ass-kicking, fierce motocharged rock n roll punk band that annihilates everything in its path. Think of an even more brutal and aggressive MOTORHEAD and you have DEATHWISH. For their first full length Out For Blood they bring you nine fast, relentless guitar driven tracks that will knock you off your feet and take no prisoners. Imagine blaring guitar solos, pounding drums and fierce angry vocals. Add in a kickass recording and then mastering by the legendary Jack Control of Enormous Door Mastering! All that combines for a record that will destroy everything in its path and have you begging for more!

1 Population Zero
2 Deathwish
3 Out For Blood
4 Six Bullet Roulette
5 Balance Of Power
6 As The Fire Rises
7 Flatline
8 Cold Day In Hell
9 Unholy Bastards

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