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Dogsflesh – Never Give In LP


Brytyjski „skórzany” punk z początku lat 80-tych. Wszystkie nagrania tej kapeli z lat 82-85. Amerykańskie wydanie Queer Pills.

On vinyl for the first time, the unreleased early studio recordings of long running UK Hardcore Punk band Dogsflesh. Starting out in 1982 from Teesside, Dogsflesh drew their influences from other bands of the time and shared stages and tours with many of the popular and legendary bands of the day such as The Exploited, UK subs, Angelic Upstarts, GBH and Discharge. The LP consists of 9 tracks of raging UK82 Punk Hardcore fury recordred between 82-84 with fantastic artwork and packaging.
For Fans Of:Exploited, Broken Bones, English Dogs, GBH, Abrasive Wheels

A1 Destroy
A2 Mad Dog
A3 Never Give In
A4 Fight The System
A5 Soldier Boy
B1 Bloody Road To Death
B2 Mad Punx & Psycho Skins
B3 Fast Livin Boy
B4 Out Of My Head

A1-A3 First Demo 1982
A4-A5 'The New Bowery’ LP comp 1984
B1-B4 'Bloody Road To Death E.P’ Demo 1985

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