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Don’t No – Incite The Riot LP


Hardcore z Los Angeles, szalony i na wysokim oktanie.
Jedyny album tej orkiestry z 1986 roku.

The one and only full-length from Southern California hardcore band Don’t No. This was originally released in 1986 on National Trust Records and has never been reissued until now. Their debut 7″ (1985) was released on Mystic Records and they were included/featured on some of the most iconic punk/hardcore comps of the ’80s such as „We Got Power (Party Or Go Home)” (1983), „Party Animal” (1984), and others.

A1 War
A2 Children
A3 Volcano
A4 Blind Ambition
A5 Dont No
A6 Life Is Cheap
A7 No Edge
A8 What Price Freedom
A9 You Are Mixed Up
B1 Emanon
B2 Time
B3 Solitary Man
B4 Thrills
B5 V.B.A.
B6 Products Of Love
B7 Dirt
B8 Earache
B9 H.B.P.D.F.S.U.

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