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FARTZ – Injustice LP


2002 rok i nowy album weteranów, nowe kawałki, ale to samo wkurwienie i to samo szczeniackie poczucie humoru i śmieciarsko-punkolska estetyka okładki co przed laty. Aż dziw bierze, że panowie mają już swoje lata. Do stage divingu pod sufitem. (32 zł)

Cruel, in-your-face hardcore from this classic '80s Seattle, WA group. Featuring Ex-Accused and Detonators members (even Duff from Guns N' Roses played in the group!), these are the first new songs this band has written or recorded singe the early '80s. Expect irreverent punk that thumbs its nose at the "system".

1.     Rich White American
2.     Don't Want No Gun
3.     Out Of Control Pt. 2
4.     Satan
5.     Cracked
6.     Out Of Control
7.     Get Along
8.     Apathy Is The Enemy
9.      Get Off Your Asses
10.     What Do You Stand For
11.     Injustice
12.     God Fearing Christians
13.     Martyrs
14.     Buried Alive
15.     State Control
16.     Untitled

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