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GENERATORS – The Winter Of Discontent LP


Absolutne arcydzieło nowoczesnego kaalifornijskiego punka.
Nie są pewnie tak wielcy jak Social Distortion, ale to ten sam poziom i ten sam styl.
Reedycja genialnego albumu z 2005 roku. Kolor winyl

It has been nearly a decade since The Generators crashed themselves into the underground Los Angeles, CA music scene. What started out to be just a side project turned into a full time band that has six full-length releases under their belt along with numerous tours of Europe and the United States. If all remains the same, it could be that they become one of the most relevant punk rock 'n’ roll bands to jump out of Southern California in years.

1. Walking Away
2. Here I Go
3. Who Is Going To Save The World?
4. Setting Sail
5. Crawling On Top
6. Room With A View
7. Lost In Transition
8. From A To Z
9. In Memory Of
10. Ten Days Away
11. Raining Ashes
12. All Brand New

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