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GORILLA BISCUITS – We Believed The Same Things: Demos And Rare Tracks 1986 To 1989 LP


Demo ’86 / Demo ’87 7″
A1 No Reason Why
A2 Bigh Mouth
A3 Better Than You
A4 In Your Head / Gorilla Biscuits
A5 Control Yourself / Do It Yourself
A6 Finish What You Started
Live At The Safari Club 7″
A7 Start Today
A8 High Hopes
A9 Biscuit Power
A10 Fed Up
A11 Should I Stay Or Should I Go
A12 Hold Your Ground
Start Today 12″ With Walter Schreifels On Vocals
B1 New Direction
B2 Stand Still
B3 Degradation
B4 Good Intentions
B5 Forgotten
B6 Things We Say
B7 Start Today
B8 Two Sides
B9 Competition
B10 Time Flies
B11 Cats And Dogs
B12 Biscuit Power
Live In Germany 7″
B13 New Direction
B14 Big Mouth
B15 Slut

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