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Hawthorne Heights – The Silence In Black And White CD


emo-punk . debiut w wypasionym wydaniu. 2004.


CD-1     Life On Standby     4:12
CD-2     Dissolve And Decay     3:45
CD-3     Niki FM     4:00
CD-4     The Transition    4:05
CD-5     Blue Burns Orange    3:20
CD-6     Silver Bullet     4:04
CD-7     Screenwriting An Apology     3:44
CD-8     Ohio Is For Lovers     4:05
CD-9     Wake Up Call    4:03
CD-10     Sandpaper And Silk     3:37
CD-11     Speeding Up The Octaves     4:09
CD-12     Silver Bullett (Demo)    
CD-13     Niki FM (Demo)    
CD-14     Speeding Up The Octaves (Demo)    
CD-15     Ohio Is For Lovers (Live Acoustic On Q101)    
CD-16     The Transition (Live Acoustic On Q101)    
CD-17     Silver Bullett (Acoustic In The Studio)    
CD-18     Apparently Hover Boards Don't Work On Water (As A Day In The Life)    
DVD-1     Life On Standby (Live)    
DVD-2     Silver Bullet (Live)    
DVD-3     Niki FM (Live)    
DVD-4     The Transition (Live)    
DVD-5     Ohio Is For Lovers (Live)    
DVD-6     Speeding Up The Octaves (Live)    
DVD-7     Signing Footage    
DVD-8     Interview With Hawthorne Heights    
DVD-9     Yahoo! Music Interview    
DVD-10     Yahoo! Music – Ohio Is For Lovers    
DVD-11     Ohio Is For Lovers (Music Video)    
DVD-12     Seven Commercial Spots    
DVD-13     Speeding Up The Octaves (Demo Video)    
DVD-14     Audio Commentary On "Ohio Is For Lovers"    
DVD-15     Victory Van Raiders Featuring Silverstein    
DVD-16     Bus Tour With J.T. Of Hawthorne Heights    
DVD-17     Fans Of Hawthorne Heights Montage    

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