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JOY DIVISION – Dance To The Radio: Ajanta Theatre, Derby, Uk, Apr 19th 1980 – Fm Broadcast LP


Joy Division sure do sound great on record but they were also one of those bands that really nailed their live shows. One such occasion was on 19th April 1980 at Derby’s Andante Theatre. The band was already well known and widely loved by then but they still insisted on playing what you might call shit-hole venues around the UK. This show was broadcast on the radio and it includes classics like the melancholic rawness of 'Insight’ and other gems such as 'She’s Lost Control’ and a cover of Factory labelmates’ Section 25’s 'Girls Don’t Count.’ A live album well worth having.

1. „Dead Souls” (5:59)
2. „Wilderness” (2:53)
3. „Digital” (3:30)
4. „Insight” (3:55)
5. „Passover” (5:01)
6. „Heart & Soul” (5:23)

1. „Isolation” (3:21)
2. „These Days” (4:05)
3. „Transmission” (3:36)
4. „She’s Lost Control” (6:22)
5. „Colony” (4:06)
6. „Girls Don’t Count” (2:47)

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