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Just Wär / Call The Cops – At War With Cops LP


Włoski agresywny hardcore z crustowymi naleciałościami czyli między Exploited a Aus Rotten (Call The Cops), i czeski street hardcore w stylu Inepsy spotyka Motorhead (Just War).

Aggressive HC Punk with a slight crust influence from Italy meets Czech street rock’n’roll. The musical development compared to their debut albums is clearly noticeable in both bands. If you like comparisons: CALL THE COPS move between old Exploited & Aus-Rotten and JUST WAR could be a modern Inepsy / Mötorhead version with more Punk influence.


1. Just War – Helldriver
2. Just War – Faceless Warriors
3. Just War – Don’t Pray For Me
4. Just War – Live On Fire
5. Just War – Punk Attitude
6. Call The Cops – Street-Crust Rock’N’Roll
7. Call The Cops – The Product
8. Call The Cops – Il Galeone
9. Call The Cops – Gerontocide
10. Call The Cops – Cards & Dice

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