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MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops / More Dead Cops CD


Pionierzy amerykanskiego politycznego hardcore i ich pierwsza najłynniejsza plyta z 1982 roku zbogacona o mase bonusów z singli i skaldanek, które osobno ukazały się kiedyś na winylu „More Dead Cops”.

MDC’s terse 1982 debut was a blazing dose of funky, politically charged hardcore. Dave Dictor and company attacked issues like Phil Ochs on crack and backed up their high-speed manifestos (including „John Wayne Was a Nazi” and „Corporate Deathburger”) with music that hit harder than Mike Tyson. They couldn’t keep it up though, and More Dead Cops, the 1988 companion piece that fills out this disc, is a pale reminder of the band’s early prime. The topics on Millions might seem a bit dated now, but none of the aggression does; Dictor jumps out of these grooves ready to rip your head off so he can pour his propaganda straight down your throat. –Michael Ruby

Millions Of Dead Cops
1 Business On Parade
2 Dead Cops / America’s So Straight
3 Born To Die
4 Corporate Deathburger
5 Violent Rednecks
6 I Remember
7 John Wayne Was A Nazi
8 Dick For Brains
9 I Hate Work
10 My Family Is A Little Weird
11 Greedy & Pathetic
12 Church & State
13 Kill The Light
14 American Achievements

More Dead Cops
15 John Wayne Was A Nazi
16 Born To Die
17 Multi Death Corporation
18 Selfish Shit
19 Radioactive Chocolate
20 No Place To Piss
21 Kleptomaniac
22 Chicken Squawk
23 Pecking Order
24 Pay To Come Along
25 Evolution In Rock

Tracks 1-14 from „Millions Of Dead Cops” LP, 1982.
Tracks 15-16 released as Stains from „John Wayne Was A Nazi” 7″, 1981.
Tracks 17-20 from „Multi Death Corporations” 7″, 1983.
Tracks 21-23 from „Millions Of Dead Children” 7″, 1984.
Tracks 24, 25 from „Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 2” LP compilation, 1984.

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