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MIDDLE CLASS – Out Of Vogue – the early material CD


Najszybszy amerykański punk rock (hardcore?) jaki powstał przed 1979 rokiem,  przed debiutanckimi singlami Black Flag i Bad Brains. Dwa single z 1978 i 1980 roku plus nagrania demo pionierów punk rocka z Los Angeles.

The Middle Class are credited with releasing what is considered the first "hardcore " or "proto-hardcore" punk record, 1978's faster than fast "Out Of Vogue." With the 30th anniversary of that ground-breaking and influential EP upon us, Frontier Records is overjoyed to announce the release of The Middle Class "Out of Vogue – The Early Material." The collection includes all of The Middle Class's early studio recordings along with a never before released, four-song, 1977 studio demo.

1       Out Of Vogue         
2     You Belong         
3     Situations         
4     Insurgence       
5     Love Is Just A Tool         
6     Above Suspicion         
7     Archetype         
8     Home Is Where         
9     A Blueprint For Joy         
10     Last Touch         
11     Introductory Rites         
12     Autistic (Demo)         
13     You Belong (Demo)       
14     No Applause (Demo)         
15     What We Do (Demo)

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