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MISERY – The Early Years LP


Apokaliptyczny crust z Minneapolis sprzed 30 lat. Potężna dawka zgniłej i wściekłej mocy. Klasyka crust w stylu Amebix / Axegrinder / Deviated Instinct / Extinction Of Mankind.
Zawiera pierwsze wydawnictwa zespołu (z wyjątkiem EP-ki „Your Leaders Were Lying!” 7), a więc: „Born Fed Slaughtered” 7”, „Blindead „7” EP, „Children Of War” 7” EP i dwie 7” EP „Split” z Assrash i Hellspawn. Łącznie 13 utworów  brudnego, wkurzonego i śmierdzącego crustowego punka!
Misery- The Early Years LP. Misery has been playing apocalyptic crust-core in Minneapolis since 1987. One of the most influential US crust bands ever. Totally distorted, heavy as shit, fukked up, negative Amebix style mangel crust. Very crucial. This LP compiles all of the material from their productive early years. The Born, Fed, Slaughtered 7″, Blindead 7″, Children of War 7″, Split 7” with Hellspawn and Split 7” with Assrash. All of these are very rare and sought after records today and this collection gives everyone a chance to hear this classic material at last. Essential. THIS IS A COPY OF THE VERY OLD PRESSING OF THIS LP FROM 2000. LONG OUT OF PRINT!

1.Born, Fed… Slaughtered 03:49
2.Falling Of Darkness 04:26
3.Blindead 02:57
4.Wealth And Power 02:40
5.Noize 01:03
6.Justice Lost 04:49
7.Children Of War 03:49
8.Thanksgiving Day 02:20
9.Morbid Reality 03:01
10.Dragged Off To War 03:03
11.Pain In Suffering 03:31
12.Bitter End 02:42
13 Years Of Hell 01:45


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