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NORA – Loser's Intuition LP picture


Królowie math-core'a na jednej ze swych starszych płyt w wersji picture disc. (44 zł)

Hailing from central New Jersey, NORA has built a reputation for excellence both in the realm of live performance and in the the studio. In times past, they've shared members with bands such as Burnt by the Sun and Ensign, and have incorporated the experiences and backgrounds of these widely disparate sounds into a chaotic tumble that breathes the sound and life of their home turf.  (2001)

1       Wave Goodbye          
2     My Bloody Clownsuit        
3     Warthog        
4     Bring It        
5     Nobody Takes Pictures Of The Drummers        
6     For The Travelers        
7     Leadpipe Moment        
8     Loser's Intuition        
9     Mudmonster        
10     Kill You For A Dollar

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