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RAMONES – Pleasant Demos LP


It’s not much of a secret that the recording process for Ramones’ sixth full-length, 'Pleasant Dreams’, was a tumultuous time marred by creative disagreements over the album’s direction as well as a direct rift between Joey and Johnny over relationship woes. Struggling to nail down a specific sonic bedrock, the material would jump and shift between hard rock leaning bangers and more pop-oriented fare, while 'The KKK Took My Baby Away’ would become the standout classic of the bunch. With glossy production provided by Blah, the material would take its time to congeal and find its place in the hearts of fans. These 'Pleasant Demos’ provide a rare window into the teething processes of arguably one of the punk legends most argumentative works.

1. „Sitting In My Room” (2:13)
2. „Sitting In My Room” (2:06)
3. „They’re Not Really Me” (2:11)
4. „She’s A Sensation” (3:16)
5. „Baby Say You Beg” (2:57)
6. „7-11” (3:02)
7. „Don’t Go” (3:13)

1. „This Busibess Is Killing Me” (2:42)
2. „Touring (Dorren Is Never Boring)” (2:44)
3. „I Wasn’t Looking For Love” (2:38)
4. „You Sound Like You’re Sick” (2:32)
5. „The KKK Took My Baby Away” (2:26)
6. „All’s Quiet On The Eastern Front” (2:13)
7. „Come On Now” (2:27)

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