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RATOS DE PORAO – Necropolitica LP


Weterani hardcore z Brazylii powrócili nowym albumem, pierwszym od 2014 roku, 13-stym studyjnym w dyskografii. Powrócili i sieją thrash-punkową zadymę

The return of Brazil’s undisputed Thrash-Punk masters! 8 years after the acclaimed “Século sinistro“, RxDxPx are back with another slab of relentless, intense and socially engaged Crossover Thrash in their unmistakeable style, this time with a stronger-than-ever political message reflecting their absolute contempt against the authoritarian government that has plagued Brazil in recent years. Musically, with a career spanning through 5 decades, RATOS DE PORÃO show no sign of weakening and reconfirm themselves as the absolute champions of South American Hardcore! 10 songs full of Metal and Punk mayhem keeping it fresh and dynamic at the same time, led by Jão’s manic riffing and Gordo’s massive, vitriolic shouts of rage. With no doubts world’s most famous basement rats have nailed it another time with a devastating album, still sounding exciting and relevant, which is an amazing achievement in Punk that most other bands of that age can’t claim!

Side 2
1. „Alerta Antifascista” (3:37)
2. „Aglomeracao” (2:30)
3. „Passa Pano Pra Elite” (3:42)
4. „Necropolitica” (2:35)
5. „Guilhotinado Em Cristo” (3:02)
Side 2
1. „O Vira Lata” (3:49)
2. „GDO” (2:07)
3. „Bostanagua” (2:07)
4. „Entubado” (4:09)
5. „Neonazi Gratiluz” (4:10)

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