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Sad Lovers And Giants – Epic Garden Music LP


Klimatyczny post punk w klimacie Echo And The Bunnymen czy wczesny The Cure. Pierwszy album z 1982 roku z bonusami. biały winyl.

Sad Lovers And Giants are one of the best-kept secrets of the ’80s; chiming guitars meet with atmospheric keyboards, and the haunting, emotive vocals of the enigmatic Garce. The group formed in Watford, England in 1980, and after the release of several singles and 2 albums, by 1983 they had disbanded, to be mostly forgotten to the record store bins of yore. But the years have been very very kind to Sad Lovers And Giants and their particular brand of pastoral post-punk and wave has grown in stature to the point that original LPs fetch collectors sums

A1 Echoplay
A2 Clocktower Lodge
A3 Clint
A4 Lope
A5 Cloud 9
A6 ART (By Me)
A7 Alice (Isn’t Playing)
A8 Landslide
B1 Far From The Sea
B2 Lost In A Moment
B3 When I See You
B4 Colourless Dreams
B5 Things We Never Did
B6 Imagination

Tracks A8, B2 to B6 are bonus tracks

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