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Silverstein – Arrivals And Departures CD


emo-pop-metal z Victory. Ładniutkie i nie takie znów miałkie. A do tego jak wyprodukowane!!! Victory, promo, 2007 rok

Canada's Silverstein broke through with two highly successful Victory full-lengths, setting the stage for 2007's "Arrivals & Departures." On this record, the band uses their agressive pop mix to propel them to such huge stages as Taste Of Chaos, Warped Tour, Take Action Tour, Bamboozle Fest, Give It A Name (UK), Groezrock (Germany) and a three-month summer 2007 tour with Rise Against and Comeback Kid.

1.     Sound Of The Sun
2.     Bodies And Words
3.     If You Could See Into My Soul
4.     Worlds Apart
5.     My Disaster
6.     Still Dreaming
7.      The Sand Will Turn To Glass
8.     Here Today Gone Tomorrow
9.     Vanity And Greed
10.     Love With Caution
11.     True Romance

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