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SKELETAL FAMILY – ETERNAL- The Singles Collection 1982-1984 LP


Brytyjska legenda cold wave/goth/post punka, rejony Sister Of Mercy/Siouxsie and the Banshees.
To zbiór ich singli z lat 82-84. Znane hity takie jak „Trees” czy „She Cries Alone” i rzadkie kawałki które były na stronach B

Formed in the former textiles market town of Keighley, West Yorkshire in 1982, goth favourites Skeletal Family achieved sensational success with debut album Burning Oil, which topped the British Indies chart for an exceptional duration, leading to widespread touring as a support act to Sisters of Mercy. This singles collection gathers the greatest of the band’s output before their implosion in 1986, and alongside the more familiar tracks such as 'Trees’ and 'She Cries Alone,’ there are rare version B-sides and a crazy cover of the 'Batman’ theme song. A must for all Skeletal Family fans, and for lovers of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Double-sided insert included.

1 – Trees
2 – Just A Friend8055515235081
3 – The Night
4 – Waiting Here
5 – She Cries Alone
6 – The Wind Blows
7 – Eternal
8 – Waiting Here (Version)
9 – The Night (Version)
10 – So Sure
11 – Batman
12 – Lies


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