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SUBHUMANS – Internal Riot LP


To był 2007 rok:

W 9 lat po reaktywacji i ponad 20-stu latach jakie minęły od ostatniego, studyjnego albumu, wreszcie nowa, premierowa płyta Subhumans . Zaskakująco hiciarska i przebojowa, i jak zawsze inspirująca tekstowo.

The band’s first release of new material since they reformed 9 years ago, „Internal Riot” mixes anger, wit and analysis with the band’s trademark dynamic punk ethos. The UK’s Subhumans have always been the voice of the common man, and they continue to be after a quarter of a century since their original formation. Now available on CD.

1.     This Year’s War
2.     Internal Riot
3.     Fractured
4.     Point Of View
5.     Won’t Ask You Again
6.     Supermarket Forces
7.     Process
8.      Culture Addict
9.     Too Fat, Too Thin
10.     Sedated
11.     This Is Not An Advert
12.     Never-Ending War Song
13.     Mosquitoes

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