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THESE HANDS ARE FISTS – Peace is bad for business CD


 Portugalski old school hardcore.

THESE HANDS ARE FISTS was started in 2006 in Lisbon, Portugal by members of important and well known outside of their local scene but defunct straight edge/hardcore bands like NEW WINDS, TIME X (both related with Refuse Records) and FIGHT FOR CHANGE. "Peace is bad for business" is their debut release, contains 8 powerful, tight, hard-hitting songs of the great sounding old school style straight edge hardcore. Their songs have enough structure and originality with fast tempos, breaks and melodic parts, no doubts they have their own individuality and charisma. As their previous bands were known from being politically outspoken, THAF continue with the "Straight Edge is Politics – Hardcore is Resistance" message speaking about social/political issues, promoting veganism / vegetarianism and drug-free lifestyle.
Count On Me
My Heart Is Not For Sale
There's A Price Tag On Your Life
Your Body Is Mine
Better Die On Your Feet
Independence Bridge
Drowning In Our Own Seeds Of Hope
Compassion Fills The Void On Your Plate
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