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TIM BARRY – Manchester CD


Spośród wielu punkowych songwriterów, którzy odpoczywając od gitar na fuzzie stali się pieśniarzami, ex-wokalista Avail jest jedną z najbardziej autentycznych postaci. Banał, ale naprawdę chwyta za serce. Drugi studyjny album.

For those of you not familiar with Tim Barry, you may have heard of the band he has spent over 20 years playing with, Avail. Tim has gone through more this past year than most people have in a lifetime and „Manchester” really documents those experiences. „Manchester” features 12 songs which were recorded with Lance Koehler (who has recorded his other albums) and features many of the same players who have played on his past releases (most notably Josh Small and Caitlin Barry). Vinyl version includes code to download the entire album as a zipped folder of MP3s.

1. Texas Cops
2. On And On
3. South Hill
4. 5 Twenty 5
5. This November
6. Sagacity Gone
7. Ronnie Song
8. C.R.F. (Retired)
9. Tacoma
10. Tile Work
11. „222”
12. Raised And Grown

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