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Tim Barry – Raising Hell and Living Cheap – Live In Richmond CD


Po 25 latach w butach folkowego trubadura pierwsza koncertowa płyta Tima Barry’ego. Czuć szczerość, wzruszenie oraz whiskey, piwo i pot 400 oddanych fanów pod sceną.

After more than 25 years of making music, and a full decade as a solo folk-rock troubadour, TIM BARRY presents his first ever concert recording, Raising Hell & Living Cheap – Live In Richmond.
Unbeknownst to him, tape was rolling on the Richmond, Virginia homecoming show which wrapped his 2013 tour cycle, seamlessly capturing his set from start to finish. Featuring un-retouched performances (from both on stage and the middle of the audience floor), spontaneous stage patter, and the crowd reactions to both, the release provides a palpable sense of being in the room that night, minus the mixed aromas of beer, whiskey, and the sweat of 400 devoted fans.

01. Dog Bumped
02. Driver Pull (Intro)
03. Driver Pull
04. 40 Miler
05. This November (Intro)
06. This November
07. Walk 500 Miles (Intro)
08. Walk 500 Miles
09. Fine Foods Market
10. South Hill
11. Church of Level Track
12. Idle Idylist
13. Downtown VCU
14. Exit Wounds
15. Ronnie Song (Intro)
16. Ronnie Song
17. Thing of the Past
18. Avoiding Catatonic Surrender

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