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UK SUBS – Welcome To The 2.0 World LP


Dwie epki i maksisingiel z 2017 i 2018 roku wydane przez zespół DIY, czyli od dawna niedostępne. Do tego fragment koncertu z Wiednia.
do winyla dołączony jest CD na którym jest to samo, tylko dużo więcej koncertu.

This new vinyl from the UK SUBS brings together the two 45s „The Beast” and „Predator” released in 2017 as well as the maxi „Screaming Senile” from 2018. These 3 vinyls were self-produced by the band itself and printed in a limited number of copies . That’s why it’s really not easy to find them. So here it is again on this LP. 9 studio tracks with 5 live tracks recorded in Vienne (France). And with the vinyl, the CD is included and it contains the 9 titles as well as the live in Vienna in its entirety.

Face A:
The Beast
Dark Matter
Master Of The Stool
Down On The Farm (Live à Vienne)
Hell Is Other People (Live à Vienne)$
Warhead (Live à Vienne)

Face B:
Hounds At The Door
Geordie Ray
Crank It Up
2000 Years
Keep On Running 2018
I’ve Got A Gun (Live à Vienne)
Disease (Live à Vienne)


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