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VIBRATORS – Punk Mania – Back To The Roots CD


Studyjny album z 2014. Zjawiskowe, retro-punkowe numery.

Punk Mania: Back to the Roots is the 2014 studio release by prolific first wave punkers The Vibrators. They are one of those bands that just won’t die and upon release of this record I’m glad they haven’t. Punk Mania is The Vibrators playing mid-tempo pop punk with a heavy rock n’ roll influence better than any other band out there. They’ve has had their ups and downs over the past few years, with original singer Knox having left the band due to health reasons as a touring member. He was replaced by Nigel Bennett who took over, quitting shortly after with Darryll Bath now filling in. With cover art and a title lifted from their classic debut Pure Mania, Punk Mania promises a return to the band’s original sound. The album is produced by original bassist Pat Collier, with a sound cleaner and more contemporary compared to the gritty sonic assault of their first LP. Knox dominates the album with lead vocals on 11 of the 14 album tracks and all three of the bonus tracks from the previous year’s Slow Death 7-inch. The songs flow and are diverse in a similar way to their earlier albums, it’s defiantly a fun listen for old punk fans. The Vibrators never gained the critical acclaim enjoyed by their fellow 1977 punk alumni, The Clash, The Damned and the Sex Pistols released debut albums to great success.

3.Love Like Diamonds
4.No Sweat
5.Bleed To Death
6.The Ohio
7.She’s A Girl
9.Turn The Radio On
11.Just Be True
12.The Other Foot
13.I Wish I Had A Gun
Bonus Tracks
1.Slow Death
2.Get Me A Beer
3.On My Way To Hell

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