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WEIRDOS – We Got Neutron Bomb CD


Osławieni pionierzy punka z Los Angeles. Zestaw rzadkich, koncertowych lub niepublikowanych nagrań legendarnej kalifornijskiej kapeli.

In early 1977 the WEIRDOS’ mighty sound and singular style were the Big Bang igniting the L.A. punk scene. After legendary records on Bomp, Dangerhouse and Rhino, the WEIRDOS released their debut LP, Condor, and the crucial Weird World, Vol. I on Frontier. We Got the Neutron Bomb is a collection of rare studio and live recordings from their own private bomb shelter celebrating WEIRDO year 26, proof that great things come to those who wait. There is time, and there is Timeless

1       Terrain
2     Cyclops Helicopter
3     7 & 7 Is
4     Shining Silver Light
5     What Will You Do?
6     Hey Big Oil
7     It Means Nothing
8     Hideout Play
9     Jungle Rock
10     Fat Back
11     Skateboards To Hell
12     Barbaric Americana
13     We Got The Neutron Bomb
14     Destroy All Music
15     I Want What I Want
16     I’m Not Like You

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