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BAD RELIGION – The Empire Strikes First LP


Druga płyta po powrocie do Epitaph, utrzymująca poziom genialnego poprzednika „Process of belief”. Kawałki z „Empire..” (2004 rok) są jak zawsze ultramelodyjne z ostrymi gitarami, łagodnym wokalem, a każdy chórek to majstersztyk plus społeczno-polityczne teksty. Po serii słabszych płyt (No Substance, New America) to znowu punk rockowe Bad Religion!!!

The Empire Strikes First is a no bullshit, straight up Bad Religion record. For the most part, all the major components are here, the fast guitars, short and tasteful solos, the soaring vocal melodies and of course, their ever-present sense of social and political awareness, which just about every person can relate to. Bad Religion provides yet another example why they’re one of the biggest and best.

1.     Overture
2.     Sinister Rouge
3.     Social Suicide
4.     Atheist Peace
5.     All There Is
6.     Los Angeles Is Burning
7.     Let Them Eat War
8.     God
9.     To Another Abyss
10.     The Quickening
11.     The Empire Strikes First
12.     Beyond Electric Dreams
13.     Boot Stamping On A Human Face Forever
14.     Live Again

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