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COCKNEY REJECTS – Hammer (The Classic Rock Years) 4CD


Cztery płyty z „metalowego” okresu Cockney Rejects w jednym pudełku. lata 82-90.

The Wild Ones
CD1-1     Way Of The Rocker
CD1-2     City Of Lights
CD1-3     Rock 'n’ Roll Dream
CD1-4     Till The End Of The Day
CD1-5     Some Play Dirty
CD1-6     Satellite City
CD1-7     Let Me Rock You
CD1-8     Victims Of The Cheap Wine
CD1-9     Hells A Long Way To Go
CD1-10     Heat Of The Night
Quiet Storm
CD2-1     It Ain’t Nothin’
CD2-2     I Saw The Light
CD2-3     Back To The Start
CD2-4     I Can’t Forget
CD2-5     Feeling My Way
CD2-6     Quiet Storm
CD2-7     Leave It
CD2-8     Fourth Summer
CD2-9     Jog On
CD3-1     Bad Man Down
CD3-2     Penitentiary
CD3-3     Struttin’ My Stuff
CD3-4     Lethal Weapon
CD3-5     Rough Daimond
CD3-6     Go Get It
CD3-7     Down 'n’ Out
CD3-8     One Way Ticket
CD3-9     Once A Rocker
CD3-10     Take Me Higher
Nathan’s Pies And Eels
CD4-1     I Left It Too Late
CD4-2     The Toughest Choice (I Ever Made)
CD4-3     It’s Up To You
CD4-4     Where Do You Run To
CD4-5     The Wild Ones
CD4-6     Pie
CD4-7     Mash
CD4-8     Load Up
CD4-9     Keep Clear
CD4-10     Get Involved
CD4-11     Old Too Soon, Smart Too late
CD4-12     48 Guns

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