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FORDIRELIFESAKE – A Daydream Disaster CD


Melodyjny metalcore dla fanów MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, THURSDAY, czy ATREYU.

A Daydream Disaster is a collection of 12 rare and out of print tracks that have yet to be widely released. Digitally re-mastered to comprise of an album's worth of material – with the flow and continuity of a proper full length. This is beautiful, striking melodic metalcore from one of today's top acts. For Fans Of: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, THURSDAY, and ATREYU.

1. Four Letter Lie
2. Acoustic Instrumental
3. The Perfect Way to Cut Myself
4. She Loves Me Not
5. Intermission
6. Into What We Call Stars, for Patient Imperfections
  7. Falling for the Promise
8. Sweet, We Forgot to Name Our Cover Song
9. Love Song(The Cure)
10. We Burn In Our Own Comfort
11. These Nights Will Define Me
12. Insecurities Securing Tragedy

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