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INTEGRITY – Live in Brooklyn, NYC 2022 LP


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On November 26, 2022 INTEGRITY played a sold out show in Brooklyn, New York City. The band delivered a powerful set, packed with songs crossing all over the bands long catalog and closed the night with a Misfits classic. The line-up was Dwid Hellion (Vocals & Noise), Francis O’Kane (Bass), Cody Bowen (Lead Guitar), Justin Ethem (Guitar) & Camille Gaudou (Drums).

Track Listing:
01. Vocal Test
02. Hollow
03. Psychological Warfare
04. Sarin
05. Hymn for the Children of the Black Flame
06. Taste My Sin
07. Incarnate 365
08. Abraxas Annihilation
09. Systems Overload
10. Diseased Prey Within Casing (Intro)
11. Judgement Day All Death Is Mine
12. Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow
13. Jagged Visions of True Destiny
14. Hybrid Moments (The Misfits)

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