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NOFX – Liberal Animation LP


Surowy i szorstki debiut z 1988 roku

Liberal Animation is the debut studio album by the American punk rock band NOFX. It was originally released in 1988 through Wassail Records, which was Fat Mike’s label before Fat Wreck Chords. Brett Gurewitz produced the record, and even offered to release it on his label, Epitaph Records. The band decided to self-release it instead. It was re-released through Epitaph Records in 1991 with all new artwork. The title is a spoonerism of „animal liberation” and the cover artwork is a reflection of that. Bassist/Singer, Fat Mike has stated many times that he thinks it’s the worst NOFX album. He wrote the majority of the album on a guitar he bought from Lynn Strait of Snot.[3] The track „Shut Up Already” features a short cover of the Led Zeppelin song „Black Dog”. It is the only full length album by NOFX to feature Dave Casillas on guitar. Amateur style music videos were made for the tracks „Shut Up Already” and „Mr. Jones.”
1. „Shut Up Already” 2:44
2. „Freedumb” 0:45
3. „Here Comes the Neighborhood” 2:58
4. „A200 Club” 1:55
5. „Sloppy English” 1:20
6. „You Put Your Chocolate in My Peanut Butter” 2:31
7. „Mr. Jones” 3:18
8. „Vegetarian Mumbo Jumbo” 3:32
9. „Beer Bong” 2:30
10. „Piece” 1:35
11. „I Live in a Cake” 1:09
12. „No Problems” 1:20
13. „On The Rag” 1:42
14. „Truck Stop Blues” 3:03
Total length: 29:33

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