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NOFX – So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes LP


Siódma płyta NOFX z 1997 roku. masa hitów, tytuł zaczerpnięty z książki/filmu „Autostopem przez galaktykę”

The title is inspired by the fourth book of Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, and refers to the frequent occurrence of fans throwing footwear at the band during their live shows.[4]

The album was recorded at San Francisco’s Motor Studios in August 1997 and was produced by Fat Mike and regular Fat Wreck Chords producer Ryan Greene. The liner notes for the album claim it is 'arguably their third best album’ (up to that point) although Fat Mike has referred to it as his favourite one on several occasions. Also therein the standard practice of including a photograph of each band member has been mocked, with members of other punk bands standing in for the four NOFX members:

Fat Mike is replaced by Serge Verkhovsky, bassist in Limp,
El Hefe is replaced by Otis Bartholomeu, vocalist and guitarist in fluf,
Eric Melvin (listed as just „Melvin”) is replaced by 'Little John’, roadie for Swingin’ Utters,
Erik Sandin (listed as „Smelly”) is replaced by Chuck Platt, bassist in Good Riddance.

1. „It’s My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite” 1:20
2. „Kids of the K-Hole” 2:16
3. „Murder the Government” 0:46
4. „Monosyllabic Girl” 0:54
5. „180 Degrees” 2:10
6. „All His Suits Are Torn” 2:19
7. „All Outta Angst” 1:53
8. „I’m Telling Tim” 1:17
9. „Champs Elysées” (Wilsh, Deighan, P Delanoë) 2:02
10. „Dad’s Bad News” 2:02
11. „Kill Rock Stars” 1:33
12. „Eat the Meek” 3:32
13. „The Desperation’s Gone” 2:24
14. „Flossing a Dead Horse” (instrumental) 1:46
15. „Quart in Session” 1:38
16. „Falling in Love” 5:13
Total length: 30:04

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