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Okręt flagowy włoskiego hardcore’a połowy lat 80-tych. Przez wielu uważany za włoską odpowiedź na Black Flag, przez innych za crossover z racji ciężkich, niemal metalowych riffów i solówek. To ich trzecia duża płyta z 1986 roku, kiedy zaczynał się zmierzch pierwszej fali amerykańskiego hc/punka, niemniej mimo tych crossoverowych wpływów, RAW POWER to wciąż 100% hardcore. I jako jeden z nielicznych zagranicznych zespołów znalazł uznanie w Stanach. Absolutna klasyka.

After scaling unforeseen heights of international success with their 1984 hardcore/metal crossover masterpiece, Screams from the Gutter, Italy’s Raw Power tumbled back to earth somewhat with its 1986 follow-up, After Your Brain. Lost here was the unparalleled intensity heard on Screams, and gained (if you can call it that) a subpar production job that didn’t do enough justice to this unusually instrumentally gifted quartet; yet the thorniest issue of all for die-hard fans may have been the genre-bending chances taken by the group in a bid to keep things interesting. After all, it was one thing to dabble in plain old punk rock („Keep Out,” „Shut Up,” the Dead Kennedys inspired „Buy and Pay”) or jam guitar solos worthy of the era’s best heavy metal shredders (see „You are Fired,” „Just Another Cry,” „Nothing Better to Do,” „No Place to Hide”) into the generally frugal songwriting constraints of hardcore (although there were plenty of those too, including „Dreamer,” „What For” and the title track). But it was another thing entirely to risk flirting with mainstream ‘80s rock, which, all prejudices and preconceived expectations aside, actually bred excellent results via the melodic guitars and catchy chorus of „Is there Anything You Like,” the new wave-ish intro effects of „What Have We Done,” and the almost radio-friendly, uncharacteristically uplifting „We Shall Overcome.” Unfortunately, all this was a tad too much for most of the band’s crossover audience to stomach, while remaining too uncommercial to attract mainstream consumers (no thanks to the aforementioned production doldrums), leaving Raw Power stuck between a rock and a hard place, as it were, in terms of their career prospects.

1. You Are Fired
2. Dreamer
3. We Shall Overcome
4. Is There Anything You Like
5. Just Another Cry
6. What Have We Done
7. After Your Brain
8. Nothing Better To Do
9. Keep Out
10. No Place to Hide
11. What For
12. Shut Up
13. Buy and Pay

Essential Hardcore record re-issued from RAW POWER – After your brain – on absolutely stunning limited edition WHITE AND RED SPLATTER VINYL!

Raw Power’s masterpieces of Hardcore-Metal crossover are remarkable for ranking a brilliant range of riffs and for being recorded by excellent musicians.

This thrash/metal-hardcore album from the legendary RAW POWER will crush your skull like a ton of bricks whilst embarking on an assault to your eardrums!

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