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TOY DOLLS – The Singles, 2CD


37 utworów na 2 płytach CD, podsumowanie każdego singla wydanego przez legendę Punk Rocka – The Toy Dolls.
Booklet zawiera zdjęcia wszystkich wydawnictw, z których wiele jest obecnie drogimi i rzadkimi przedmiotami kolekcjonerskimi z gatunku Punk, wraz ze szczegółowymi notatkami.

37 track 2CD round up of every single issued by madcap Punk Rock legends the Toy Dolls.

Features the UK NaConal Chart No.3 smash hit ‘Nellie The Elephant’.
Also includes the Independent Chart hits ‘Cheerio & Toodle Pip’ (No.10), ‘Alfie From The Bronx’ (No.13), ‘We’re Mad’ (No.4), ‘She Goes To Finos’ (No.4), ‘James Bond (Lives Down Our Street)’ (No.7) and ‘Geordie’s Gone To Jail’ (No.14)

Vocalist / guitarist Olga has been the one constant throughout the bands nigh on 45-year career and still leads the band to this day, playing many major festivals across mainland Europe including the seminal Ruhrpott Rodeo in Hunxe, Germany on July 6 2024.

The booklet contains pictures of all the releases, many of them now expensive and rare Punk collectors’ items, alongside detailed liner notes.


1 Tommy Kowey’s Car
2 She Goes To Finos
3 Tommy Kowey’s Car (EP Version)
4 She’s A Worky Ticket
5 Everybody Jitterbug
6 MEDLEY – Teenager In Love / I’ve Got Asthma
7 Nellie The Elephant
8 Dig That Groove Baby
9 Cheerio And Toodle Pip
10 H.O!
11 Alfie From The Bronx
12 Hanky Panky
13 We’re Mad
14 Deidre’s A Slag
15 Rupert The Bear
16 Nellie The Elephant (1984)
17 Fisticuffs In Frederick Street

1 She Goes To Finos
2 Spiders In The Dressing Room
3 Come Back Jacky
4 James Bond (Lives Down Our Street)
5 Olga…….I Cannot!
6 Griefsville
7 Geordie’s Gone To Jail
8 Idle Gossip
9 Geordie’s Gone To Jail (Japanese Version)
10 Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead
11 I’ve Got Asthma
12 Turtle Crazy
13 Nellie The Elephant (Live In Tokyo)
14 Turtle Crazy (Join In Mix)
15 Lazy Sunday Afternoon
16 Sod The Neighbours
17 Cloughy Is A Bootboy!
18 Livin’ La Vida Loca
19 Her With A Hoover
20 Alec’s Back

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