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G.B.H. – City Babys Revenge CD


drugi album z 1983 roku. klasyk punka!!

An Indie Chart No.6 hit when first released in 1983 this was the second album by acclaimed UK Hardcore Punk band G.B.H.
Includes the Indie Chart hit singles “Give Me Fire” (No.2) and “Do What You Do” (No.7)
Booklet contains original LP artwork plus liner notes and lyrics to all the songs
G.B.H. are still very much a major attraction on the world-wide Punk scene
The likes of Rancid, The Casualties, Anti Flag and numerous other USA Punk bands have all cited GBH and their “UK82” sound as a major influence, one of the few bands to cross-over from the Old School Punk Rock movement to the modern day bands

1 Diplomatic Immunity
2 Drugs Party in 526
3 See the Man Run
4 Vietnamese Blues
5 Womb With A View
6 Forbidden Zone
7 Valley Of Death
8 City Baby’s Revenge
9 Pins And Needles
10 Christianized Cannibals
11 Faster Faster
12 High Octane Fuel
13 I Feel Alright
14 Skanga (Herby Weed)
Bonus Tracks
15 Give Me Fire
16 Mantrap
17 Catch 23
18 Hellhole
19 Do What You Do
20 Four Men
21 Children Of Dust
22 Do What You Do (Concrete Mix)

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